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My newest Tigger thanks to the best boss ever @tam_508 !!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 God lead how much I love my T I double guh ER RRRR!!!!


It surely Β isn’t easy….being this beastlyΒ 

I struggle with being either too emotional or not being emotional enough

I tamper along the lines of passion and aggression in temptation to venture into possible outcomes no matter how ugly the truth.

With the nature of being a caregiver and not afraid of the hunt understand that she is hard to break down even if you analyze her after a few blunts.

It sure isn’t east being this beastly

When the pressure is on and your passion ignites the aggression you’re forced to act quick and sometimes not think about it. You’re given these thoughts and must now decipher them and certain emotions pack them away…she is beastly

Only a beast and can build and destroy while attaining a smile. She is beastly, ability to embrace and escape two auras at the same time and as beauty defines her outer appearance, master pieces are developed inside by layers of confidence…con fi dense. She is beastly willing to protect her nurtures and weak but she is beastly enough to tear them apart when she is no longer in complience with their existence.Β 

She is so beastly to love so hard and never love again she is beastly to hold on with her paws until prints are now apart of her holder’s skin.. she is so beastly and gentle ..her soul only means right but battles consistently. She is beastly …she is beauty..she isΒ 

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